The Big Boner and Chubby Hot Dog

A Little Hot Dog History and our Menu
The Big Boner is our namesake signature Hot Dog and is named after Boner Billy, and known for its large size.
The Big Boner was first severed up to hungry 49ers heading to the Californian goldfields.
The Chubby Hot Dog is our standard size Hot Dog named after Boner Billy’s famous horse “Chubby”
who guided Boner Billy and a group of riders who circumnavigated the World on horseback. 
The Big Boner
Boner Billy’s namesake signature Hot Dog, can you handle it?  
The Chubby, “Bacon” will always fill you up!
Boner Billy’s Famous Chubby topped with Bacon  
The Chubby, “Chili” what can we say but great!
Boner Billy’s Famous Chubby drenched in the award-winning Chili
Mac-Cheese Big Boner and Mac-Cheese Chubby 
That’s right, Boner Billy’s Big Boner, or the Chubby
top with homemade Mac–Cheese topped with bacon bits
San Francisco Gold
The Big Boner smothered with garlic cream cheese and onions, on a sourdough bun

The Bonerkraut Kochherde
Boner Billy’s Famous Chubby Hot Dog in a bed of Sauerkraut
Angry inch
Pig in a blanket golden sausage roll wrapped in kolach dough – three dipping sauce options
Fresh Sliced Wild Blue Fries
Boner Billy’s Famous Idaho Blue French Fries
 Chili Dish Wild Blue Fries
Award-winning Chili and Blue French Fries, WOW!

Sweet Delights, Deep fried Twinkies®

Jerky, Jerky, Beef Jerky 
USDA selected beef, the best you will ever have

 Just a few off our Menu, see you soon!