California Forty-Niners / America’s first Hot Dog

Although Boner “Bronco” Billy was not a gold seeker in the great California gold rush, he was a lead provider of the needed supplies sought out by the thousands of forty-niners heading to the gold fields of the Sierra / Nevada Mountains. Boner Billy’s Trading Post along the great gold rush trail was a popular stop for needed supplies, such as shovels, picks, and food stocks. What really made Boner Billy’s Trading Post the place to be was because of Mr. Billy’s namesake, “Big Boner” with the guarantee to fill you up. At the time the term Hot Dog was not yet coined so forty-niners would simply say, “Big Boner” please. Due to the fact California did not join as a US state until 1850 we can’t say 100% that the Big Boner was America’s first hot dog but scholars seem to think so and that works for us.

Provided by The Boner “Bronco” Billy Family Trust


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